The beginning of Hoop Hoop Hooray

Hello! Thanks for stopping by…

I’m Elise and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I’d be lying if I said this little face is where the idea of Hoop Hoop Hooray began but in some ways… it is. This was my 6 year old daughter having her first go at stitching like Mummy.


I fell in love with embroidery over a year ago when I attended a class run by Danielle of Ruby Sew Oh and alas, realised too late that I should have been a hand model. Ha Ha!


But seriously, I’ve been ‘hooping up’ happily ever after at any opportunity possible. Of an evening, my husband sits and stares at the TV like a zombie and looks across at me and asks why I just can’t sit and relax?! What he doesn’t seem to understand is that I do find this relaxing and therapeutic hence my favourite hashtag #craftastherapy. I find that embroidery is such a fantastic way to unwind. And the best thing is that if I make a mistake, like sewing, I can unpick. YEY!

I never got to learn embroidery when I was young… and I know that in our technologically rich world its becoming even less common for children to learn this kind of craft and others. Its my goal to encourage Perth children to HAVE A GO by offering affordable, safe and fun workshop environments during school holidays, weekends and in the form of customised classes for small groups.

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