Why Am I doing this?

“This” being my hobby business… I think you’ve all gathered by now, I LOVE craft – particularly that of the sewing variety. I also enjoy sharing it with others!

For some years, I have enjoyed crafternoons with friends – don’t you love that term? I first heard it coined on Triple J and it seems to have really become part of regular vernacular in the crafting world. I still enjoy crafternoons with friends, they just don’t happen as regularly as we’d like because you know, “adulting” gets in the way! At these crafternoons we’d work on various projects and just relax together, eat and enjoy the chat and the sense of achievement it brought about.

At one of our Crafternoons – making Owl softies together: Chenoa @cherryandsalt, Duff & moi

And I thought, “wouldn’t it be lovely if children could do this too!” I mean, they like to talk just as much as the next person, am I right?!! I enjoyed the slow art of embroidery so much that I thought, “yes, this is something I could teach children” and they could experience their very own little crafternoons! Then in years to come, they might get the same level of enjoyment with their friends as I do now. Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself but you get my point!

Amelie - finished Dachshund2

Amelie, aged 7 made such a great effort during the workshop and finished up her project at home complete with embellishments!

Coming from a teaching background, I also appreciate being able to assist children in learning new skills and seeing them put those in place by working on a project. I love seeing those light bulb moments when they ‘get the hang of it’ and start working on their own with such a wonderful sense of independence. I see the looks in their faces – that of serious concentration as well as joy and pride when they’ve finished their project.


Nyah, Imogen & Eden all busily stitching away in the July Dapper Dachshund workshop

I love that it teaches persistence and challenging oneself (the folks at the school I work at would be proud of me using these values) because threading a needle, tying a knot and particular stitches can be tricky. I also like the idea of children just slowing down on occasion and not being reliant on television or devices to entertain them. I guess that’s old fashioned but as some of you may have read, this sort of craft has been making a comeback so in a way, we’re very cool and on trend! Gradually I will add to my crafting workshop repertoire so please stay with me while I continue to grow.

A friend’s lovely daughter asked, “is Elise going to actually make any money if she supplies all the stuff and then spends two hours teaching us and giving us snacks? I feel like it’s more of a service than a business thing…” My first thought to this was, wow what a very adult thing for a 10 year old to say – comparing a service vs business and do you know what I did? I looked up the comparison on Google! I guess I could say that I am providing a service but that is my business – would that be right? So for me, Hoop Hoop Hooray isn’t about making a fortune – although a small one would certainly be nice! Hoop Hoop Hooray is about encouraging children to have a go and enjoy these little moments and to share my passion. xx

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